J. Bryan Conrad, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

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I am a licensed psychologist trained to work with clients from different backgrounds and with various presenting problems including but not limited to anxiety, depression, and relationship conflicts. I am an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider and offer thorough ADHD evaluations for children and adults. My comprehensive ADHD evaluations (often lasting 3 to 4 hours in length) are considered the "gold standard" diagnostic assessment for ADHD. I also offer ADHD coaching. I am trained in CBT and DBT.

My passion for thorough ADHD assessment and evaluation actually stemmed from my therapy work.  I have discovered that, while clients can fail to make progress in therapy for a variety of reasons, one reason is untreated ADHD.  This is a fact.  A thorough ADHD evaluation and assessment can save clients money (and time spent in therapy) in the long-run.

For psychological evaluations, including ADHD, bariatric and spinal-cord stimulator assessments,  I am contracted separately with Skaggs Psychological Services and these assessments are billable through insurance.  

Skaggs Psychological Services provides comprehensive, caring, and quality services at our Lexington location.  My approach is very warm and empathic, while always staying mindful of the client's own goals for treatment.

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